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One product with incredible value

The ReSecure Platform contains 3 layers of scanning to fully protect your network from known and unknown malware:

True File Type

Checks file structure to identify actual file type; blocks masked files and files disallowed by policy

Multi Anti-Virus

Scans each file with multiple best of breed anti-virus engines to ensure all known malware is blocked

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)

Processes all files, analyzes the content structure and rebuilds a duplicate file of same type without loss of functionality.

360 degree prevention

Mail - Deliver trusted and secure emails and  attachments for on-premise email and cloud email services


Web - Block malware penetration via internet downloads and web content

Devices - Neutralize malicious files located on external drives, memory sticks and mobile phones

File Transfer - Prevent infiltration of malware from files stored on FTP and file servers and digital vaults

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