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TrapX DeceptionGrid protects your valuable assets against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals.
“CISO’s seeking an advanced, targeted attack solution to protect large-scale and complex environments should evaluate TrapX.” – Gartner

Deceive, Detect and Defeat Advanced Cyber Attackers.

DeceptionGrid, named the Best Deception Technology of 2018, deploys a shifting minefield of Traps (decoys) and Deception Tokens (lures) that appear identical to your real IT & IoT assets that no attacker can avoid.

Actionable Intelligence

Just one touch of a Trap by an attacker sets off a high-confidence alert. DeceptionGrid integrates with key elements of the network and security ecosystem to contain attacks and enable a return to normal operations.

The Deception Product of Choice

DeceptionGrid analyzes your network and automatically provisions hundreds-to-thousands of Traps and Lures. Each Trap is tailor-made to be identical to your native environment. Attackers can never tell what’s real and what’s fake because each Trap is designed to look and behave exactly like your real assets. In addition, Traps can also be camouflaged as any specialized IoT and OT devices.

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