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Protect your data and core infrastructure. Get full visibility and control across your on-premises and cloud-based data. Varonis gives you a single unified platform to manage risk and protect your most important assets.


DatAdvantage maps who can (and who does) access data across file and email systems, shows where users have too much access, and safely automates changes to access control lists and groups. Visualize risk, lock down sensitive data, and get full visibility and control across your on-premises and cloud-based data stores on a unified platform.


DatAlert detects suspicious activity and prevents data breaches across platforms, visualizes risk, and prioritizes investigation.

Automation Engine

The Automation Engine discovers undetected security gaps and automatically repairs them: fixing hidden security vulnerabilities like inconsistent ACLs and global access to sensitive data.

Data Classification Engine

The Data Classification Engine discovers and identifies sensitive, regulated, & stale data with built-in patterns, predefined categories, customizable regexes and dictionaries.


DataPrivilege gives business users the power to review and manage permissions, groups, and access certification, while automatically enforcing business rules.

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